18” Drawer/ Pullout Combo Chassis


This versatile drawer/ pullout combo chassis includes a 6” deep soft-close drawer box over an XL size pullout that fi ts 2 full sized, 35 qt. kitchen wastebaskets, an LP tank, a large supply of solid fuels or any number of other tough to store items. The heavyweight design uses 2 pairs of full extension side mount glides for tremendous weight capacity.

SKU: CH-C11P-18 Category:
Model No. Compatible Products
CH-C11P-18 DO-16-S; DF-616-S
DO-16-C; DF-616-C
DO-16-LR(LL); DF-616-L
Dimensions: ( W x H x D )
Overall: 18 x 28 x 23.5
Cutout : 17.25 x 27.25 x 23.75
Material Solid Teak Wood/ PVC
Hardware Soft Close/ Undermount
Soft Close/ Side Mount (2 pr.)
Drawer Type Inset w/ Beveled Flange
Warranty 10 Yr./ Lifetime/ 5 Yr.
Shipping Wt. 42.55 lbs.
Cubes 8.15


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