Quality Craftsmanship

Our cabinetry is crafted using 100% solid A/B grade teak using state of the art CAD manufacturing for a precision fit and fine sanded to a furniture quality finish.

Beyond Stainless Steel

In a world overwhelmed by stainless steel boxes, the idea of wood
cabinetry for the traditional BBQ grill island is truly refreshing. Pacific Teak Millworks
is unique in our goal to bring the rich warmth and beauty
of solid teak cabinetry to the outdoor kitchen.

Design Innovation

Something besides the obvious beauty of the wood appeals to you. Our outdoor kitchens offer the professional, coordinated look of a true custom kitchen.



Barbecue Island doors and drawers


bbq Island cabinets


Teak wood outdoor cabinets


In an industry where your choices for outdoor cabinetry are stainless steel and more stainless steel, solid wood outdoor cabinetry is a truly refreshing idea that is long overdue.  Pacific Teak Millworks is unique in our goal to bring the rich warmth and beauty of solid wood cabinetry to outdoor living.  Whether your vision includes a custom outdoor kitchen, bar, living or entertainment area, or all of the above, our teak cabinetry will make it feel like home.

Teak is the only serious choice for solid wood outdoor cabinetry.  No other wood in the world compares to teak in its elegance, durability, stability and low maintenance.  Its grain pattern and patina make teak one of the world’s most beautiful hardwoods and considered by woodworkers to be of the finest quality.  Teak is famous for its tensile strength and straight grain which resist warping and shrinkage, making it one of the few hardwoods strong and stable enough for solid wood doors and cabinet fabrication.

Teak has been the top choice for shipbuilders and outdoor furniture makers alike for centuries due to its ability to withstand any weather, and for its resistance to decay.  Teak wood is naturally repellent to moisture and insects, and virtually immune to the effects of extreme weather including hot sun, rain, frost and snow.  It will easily last 100 years unaffected if left unprotected outdoors. Teak beams in buildings many centuries old are commonly seen in good condition, including palaces and temples dating back over 1,000 years.  In fact, teak structures have been discovered intact, buried in the jungles of Southeast Asia dating back 1,000 years. Teak is the only wood that can make these claims.


Our cabinetry is pure 100% solid, certified, kiln dried, A/B grade teak.  All components are fabricated using state of the art CAD manufacturing, then hand assembled and fine sanded to a furniture quality finish.  Cabinet construction is glued and screwed mortise and tenon, for the highest quality and strength.  Doors and drawer fronts feature solid, 1” thick mortise and tenon frames and floating panels inset in the 1” beveled outer flange for an elegant, custom, high-end look.  Our drawers feature a double front design and PVC bottoms for a lifetime of easy cleanup and durability that will never require maintenance.  To complement our beautiful teak cabinetry, we use Blum® concealed soft / self-closing door hinges and full extension soft-close drawer glides and stainless pull handles.

Teak wood outdoor cabinets

Solid, 1 in. Thick Doors and Drawer Fronts

Outdoor kitchen doors and drawers

Precision CAD Manufacturing

Outdoor kitchen cabinets

Quality Mortis & Tenon Construction

Teak wood Barbecue Island doors and drawers


  1. Solid A/B grade teak construction.
  2. Choice of door styles.
  3. Precision, CAD operated manufacturing.
  4. Inset door and drawer design.
  5. Solid 1” thick door & drawer front frames.
  6. Premium soft/ self closing Blum® adjustable door hinges.
  7. Full extension, soft/ self closing drawers.
  8. Weather and insect proof.
  9. Can be left natural / weathered, or finished with oil, sealer or stain.
  10. Naturally insulating and sound deadening.
  11. Will not dent.  Scratches and minor damage easily touched up.
  12. Easy to install.
  13. Removable, interchangeable & adjustable doors and drawers.
  14. Tough PVC drawer bottoms for easy clean up.
  15. SVLK Certified teak wood with continuous chain of custody documentation.
  16. Renewable & recyclable (green) product.

Whether your vision includes a custom outdoor kitchen, beverage bar, outdoor living room, or entertainment area, our solid teak cabinetry will make it feel like home

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bbq Island doors and drawers
Barbecue Island cabinets


SLVK is the Indonesian governmental certification program that establishes legal standards for wood related industries to preserve the environmental and economic aspects of this valuable natural resource, but also the quality of life of its people. All Pacific Teak Millworks products are built under this certification which ensures in an officially transparent manner, that all our cabinetry is manufactured using legally and sustainably grown, harvested, and purchased timber. In addition, all our raw materials are purchased from suppliers either PEFC or FSC certified at the source.