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Quick Overview

Pacific Teak Millworks is unique in our goal to bring the rich warmth and beauty of solid wood cabinetry to the outdoor kitchen.  We’ve brought together the talents and experience of experts from around the world to challenge the Patio and Barbeque market with a fresh yet traditional approach to outdoor room design.  Stainless steel cabinetry has a very commercial look and feel that many people just don’t like.  Its’ dominance of the outdoor market really has more to do with the fact that grill manufacturers are in the business of bending stainless steel than it does with homeowner preferences or popular demand.  After all, if homeowners were really excited about stainless steel cabinets, they’d have them indoors too.


When you see a Pacific Teak Millworks outdoor kitchen, something besides the obvious beauty of the wood appeals to you. As opposed to randomly sized stainless steel boxes scattered around the grill island, our cabinetry shares uniform sizing for the clean, coordinated look of a custom kitchen. As with any professional kitchen design, you decide which cabinets you want, then you choose the door and drawer styles for your own custom look. But the choices don’t stop there: We also offer a variety of convenient accessories to maximize the function of your custom outdoor room. And since our cabinets are 100% solid wood, you also have the option of staining them to match any natural materials or decor, and finish them off with your choice of cabinet hardware. Finally, Pacific Teak Millworks doors and drawers are easily removable and interchangeable, using the best quality, quick release, pressure fit hinges and glides. This means easy cleaning, maintenance, or even replacement if you get in the mood to change your design.

Barbecue Island cabinets


SLVK is the Indonesian governmental certification program that establishes legal standards for wood related industries to preserve the environmental and economic aspects of this valuable natural resource, but also the quality of life of its people. All Pacific Teak Millworks products are built under this certification which ensures in an officially transparent manner, that all our cabinetry is manufactured using legally and sustainably grown, harvested, and purchased timber. In addition, all our raw materials are purchased from suppliers either PEFC or FSC certified at the source.