Spice Rack


Outdoor kitchen storage is all about space-saving organization and keeping your outdoor spaces clean and tidy. Our handy spice racks keep all your condiments, sauces, seasonings, spices, oils, etc. organized, and right where you need them. Add them behind any of our cabinet doors, or inside our deep 10” drawers.

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Model No. Compatible Products
SR-1 DR1H-18S/C/L; DR1H-30S/C/L
DO1-18S/C/L; DR2V-18S/C/L
DO2-30S/C/L; DR3V-18S/C/L
DO2-34S/C/L; C11S-18S/C/L
C12T-30S/C/L; CO21-35S/C/L


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